Adult Indigo Bio - Colette

Hi, my name is colette and I am an artist. I was fortunate in that I had very evolved parents, philosopher/artist father and artist mother from grew up in indonesia and holland. both extremely eccentric, compared to other american families, at least in values.they were my first great teachers.Anyhow so we moved (me and my 3 sisters and one brother and cat) from north carolina to hawaii to massachusetts to maryland to virgina. then I moved to new york,europe,middle east (crete,israel,egypt), south africa, miami, now los angeles.

I have had many supernatural experiences, my whole life,(we even had a poltergeist growing up that would move our toys and stuffed animals around)I had trouble at times with society,and obviously have been considered odd.there was extreme light and dark energies around me and I am actually going through a new harnessing of what they are or how to identify it easier.I have been hurt/betrayed by some people close to me but I forgive them and understand their humaness.

anyhow,let things speak for themselves. here is a web site of my paintings.. I also play music and work with film.I have a movie I am writing called the GARDEN of WEEDS. about a girl called nikki electric, whose on a journey to enlightenment. she learns to recognize the beauty in all things (weeds are unrecognized flowers) my band is called dayglo aborigines. I actually,in nyc and capetown,performed a concert based on the colors of the chakras,lighting the stage going up the spine,they called it spiritual hardrock,in one review,so I guess I have an edge.I also played the original gwar woman for a couple yrs,if anyone knows of that band,.I got kicked out though,we had different visions.

heres my paintings