Adult Indigo Bio - Claudette

My name is Claudette (Claude to my friends). I live with my family in Melbourne, Australia. I will turn thirty in December, and I am really enjoying the ageing process (honestly)... I have two sons. Erik (who is definately Indigo) is two years old, and Luey is four months old (of course, he is very likely to also be Indigo, but I'd rather not jump to conclusions, ykwim?). My dh is not Indigo.

I've always been different... I used to tell my younger brother I was a martian - that's how "odd" I felt. Apparently, I "died" three times while mum was in labour with me. Catscans of my brain suggest I should not be able to walk or talk (I have enlarged ventricals in the frontal lobes, and other bits and pieces missing), yet the only outward symptom of my extraordinary brain structure is the fact that I am legally blind (oh, I can see well enough to read and write etc, and looking at me, you can't tell I have a vision impairment, but I'm not allowed to drive).

I was a bilingual child, and trilingual teenager. I learned to read and write by age four. In school I was disruptive, I talked too much, I walked out of class whenever I pleased... In year seven, I instigated a "walkout" in our English class, because the teacher didn't keep his promise to give us an early mark that week. In year nine, the teacher in the "religion" class told me that if I thought I knew it all so much better than her, I should teach the class myself, so I did...

I only had mediocre/poor marks in schools and my reports were filled with comments like, "Claudette has the ability to excel, but lacks concentration". When I finished highschool in Norway, I didn't have the marks to go on to college.

Luckily, I came to Australia. I did a make-up course, and got into University, I practically failed my first year, but slowly started to understand that I had control, and now - ten years later - I nearly finished with my Masters Degree in Education (oh, and I've been getting top marks)... I had always felt that school was so easy, that I didn't need to try, so I never did well... Even these days I know I don't put in the effort that I could with my studies, I'm not well diciplined, I rely too much on my photographic memory...

I've always been able to "read" other people, their emotions, where they're coming from - I see patterns of behaviour, and I predict behaviour based on how I read people... Because of this I have found many people come to me when they are in turmoil (emotional/spiritual). I, however, have very few friends (once people have sorted themselves out, they avoid me because I know too much about them, I remind them too much of the time they were in turmoil).

I have one close friend (not geographically) who is a Crystal, she considers me to be "wise", but she doesn't realise how much she means to me because she listens to me non-judgementally...

I have often been told that I do not think like other people... In the literal sense; I think on several levels simultaneously, which can sometimes be difficult, because it is sort of like not having the radio tuned properly, if you concentrate you can hear seperate channels, but otherwise it can seem like static noise... I often make leaps of logic in conversation that other's just don't understand...

I have an incredibly strong sense of isolation, like I'm watching a 3D movie, and am the only person in the cinema with 3D glasses, no-one seems to see what I'm seeing... I feel that people often get stuck in minute, they can't see the really important stuff - like, why are people so busy acquiring? What is the point in that?

Finally, I have a strong sense of justice, and of simplistic truth... My beliefs are probably most closely linked to paganism, except that I do not worship a God, Goddess, or Gods, I believe all things are made up of the same basic material/energy, and therefore everything is part of everything else, there really is no hierarchy, no life, death, reincarnation - just being. All being deserves our respect, if we do not respect all that is, then we do not respect ourselves...

Anyway, having read the Indigo children book, I recognised myself, I recognise my son, bit I really can't say that I've found anyone who I can related to IRL, even my son stands out amongst his peers - yet he is supposed to be born in a time when there are many Indigos - could we be living in an Indigo poor environment???




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