Adult Indigo Bio - Chuck

A short novel about myself.

O siyo; Most people call me Chuck, but to my native friends I am Hawk. I was given the name Tlanuwa by my grandmother. It is Cherokee for a Mythical Hawk. This last summer at a gathering of the people a Navajo Medicine man also added to my name Datsidahi, or Messenger. There for I am known now as Tlanuwa Datsidahi, or Messenger Hawk. My grandmother was considered a woman of medicine, a healer as well as one who was in touch with the ancient ones and the spirits of the Elders of our Mother Earth. They are with me as well. Because of my words and actions many of the natives here denounce me, however they do not deter me. I have always refused to conform to any type of cliche or stereotype. I very rarely waver from a decision I have made, unless I am shown without a doubt a better way.

My path in life is for the People. I am here to teach, to do so I must learn, for the best teachers of life are the best students. I am a difficult person to work for. This at times gets me into trouble, but it also gets the results that is expected.

To me there is only one way, and that is the right way. However I also believe that there are three sides to every conflict, the first parties side, the second parties side, and the right side. Conflict is brought about by many things, lack of willingness to learn and understand each other, fear, misconception of others ways, tollerance, patience, losing site of the basics. There is really only one basic to life. Given the difference in environment, skin color and religion, we all tend to forget one important thing, RACE. There is only one race, the Human race.

We all , that goes for all living things on our Mother Earth, need the same three basic things to live, water, food, air and shelter. All other things are only luxuries. Being raised not only in a society that punished us for learning of our traditional ways, I was raised with both. My people have lost most of our heritage due to this. We now only have pieces of our past. Years ago I walked away from the path that my ancestors and the Creator sat before me. Just recently I came back to it.

Also when it comes to time, I do not believe that time is linear, it can't possibly be. Time is like most other things it is round. I believe we can reach any thing in any time period due to the fact that it all is able to happen at any time, it's just figuring out how to get there. I can be here as well as sitting with the ancient ones learning. We can all hear what the ancient ones are trying to teach us if we only listen. Anyone is able to hear something, listening is what most are not able to do.

One of the most important ones to listen to is our Mother Earth. The Creator gave her to us to take care of. In taking care of her she will take care of us. At this point we have done a very poor job of taking care of her. If we don't start she will not take care of us. Think about it, with out her we would not be. Our Creator made it this way for a reason. I believe that the reason is responsibility. We as humans are not very responsible. We take with giving back, we pollute without cleaning up, We waiste more than we consume. There will come a day when we will again have to learn how to survive without modern conviences. Only those who know how will survive, those who do not know how will perish. That is the law of nature, and we are to answer to this as anything else here.

The one big problem is that we are the ones who will destroy all that was given to us if we do not start taking responsibility for what we do. Now is the time when we need to set back and think about what is important. To me life is. Not just human life, but all life. It is a gift that we should never take advantage of. The question of religion is something else. To quote Shakespear, "A rose by any other name would still smell as sweet"

Well no matter what our name for God is, there is still only one God. Now a God who is worshipped who condones murder is a false God. I have read and studied many different religions, each and everyone of these religions and texts shows God to be of peace and love. HOw can it ever be said that war has anything to do with that. My people never fought a war or battle in the name of God. We would have ceremony before a battle and pray not only for our safety, but for those who we were about to battle with. That their spirits would go through the door to the other world in peace and with honor.

Well I guess I ahve written enough for now. I have to say I do tend to get long winded at times. If you don't believe me come and sit with me at a gathering of the people.

Aisv nv wado hi ya bo or Walk in Peace



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