Adult Indigo Bio - Christine

I'm a 36 yr old woman, born in NY, now living in FL.

I heard the term "Indigo" about 2 weeks ago and it's been the most amazing growing, learning, realizing, accepting, 2 weeks of my life!

I've always been different. But I did take solace in the fact that my father understood me, even though I didn't see him often when I was growing up. Always brighter than those around me, I never did well in school, (too bored and you could never tell me ANYTHING!, I didn't respond to adults that treated me without the respect I knew I deserved... a little egomaniacal?? You betcha!!)

My brother, who was six years younger than I, was the same way. Needless to say, my mother had quite a hard time of it, a single mother with emotional problems, raising two children that were so different than everyone else. With a mixture of pride and resentment, the only thing she revered was our intelligence and really wasn't capable of nurturing it, or us.

I left home very early, determined to explore the world and find my way... I got sidetracked with a decade of weirdness, but came out of it ok with experiences that I really wouldn't trade for anything.

I've always been extremely sensitive, I cry very easily and respond to others' pain, sometimes to the extreme. I know my brother felt the same way and in 1987 decided he couldn't live this way and committed suicide. I truly believe that he is with me always and my 6 year old son tells me of conversations that he has with my brother quite often.

I have two beautiful children. A 6 year old boy, a three year old girl. The 6 year old is having some behavioral difficulty and his teacher is trying very hard to label him as suffering from ADD. I won't allow it, but we're working on behavioral modification exercises and putting a reward system in place for helping to cope with his boredom. The school system really needs to open it's mind and offer children some alternatives. The work that my son needs to turn in, bores him to tears. Since this work is mandatory for the entire Kindergarten class, to prove that they have the skills necessary to progress to first grade, there are no alternative assignments and no advanced program for the Kindergarten aged child. BTW, this is a private parochial school, the public school was MUCH worse. We're not exactly known for our school system in Central Florida... ;-)

Needless to say, finding out that there were more of us, has been such a blessing!!! Remembering that there is a reason for all of this has made me feel as if a tremendous weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Knowing that there are people I can talk to about this, who won't look at me funny, is such a blessing.

Thank you Wendy for starting this list, for the work you're doing. And thank you to all of you who are participating in this list for coming forward, that we may all learn from one another, support each other...