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My name is CeCe, I'm 21, and live in North Bend,WA. Right now I don't even know how to begin this letter. So I'm just going to tell you about myself and my life as briefly as possible.

I was born June 4, 1979, to a mother that was just diagnosed with MS, a very debilitating disease that attacks the nervous system. My father had left and we had no immediate family. I took care of my mother from an extremely young age and was able to do things that most people even in their teens couldn't do. Actually I pretty much ran the entire house myself. From very early on I was different, I didn't know why, I just was. My thought process sometimes scared me and still does. I always knew things that were impossible to just "learn". They were things you just had to experience to understand.

As my mother's disease worsened as I got older we had to hire many different people to care for her. These people were always trying to conform me, saying I was a bad child because I didn't listen or because I did things differently. I loathed school with all my heart and soul so I began skipping in the third grade. I would run into the woods after my ride would leave and spend my days playing by the river and enjoying nature (which I always had an unexplainable bond with from very early on). Then when they found out I was skipping and forced me back to school I developed terrible anxiety. It was so bad I just couldn't handle it. Just the slightest idea of being forced to go to school every day drove me into a total anxiety attack. My entire family thought I was nuts. My dad found out about it and started sending me to counseling which did help because I got to finally talk to someone who would listen but I always felt that even she didn't understand.

So my life continued on and I just couldn't wait to be older, to have "freedom" I always knew that I had some great purpose. It was very easy for me to visualize from a very early age. I am incredibly good at it. At the age of 16, I convinced my dad to send me to a different school. The name of the school is "Chrysalis", it is a school for gifted children. That place saved me in many ways. I only had to go to school two times a week and I did all my studying on my own. I got to do book reports on the things that I wanted to learn about and they encouraged me to do the things I was drawn to. My teacher there, Who was very special herself, introduced me to the book "The Celestine Prophecy". Now that book seems like kindergarten to me but at the time it was the best thing ever. For the first time I didn't feel like a freak. I came to realize that I wasn't alone in this world.

The next few years my life changed very rapidly. That year my mom died and I felt like I was catapulted into an entire new reality. Just prior to her passing away I got into a car accident and it really woke me up to the fact that life is that quick, you really must live in the moment. I knew when she died, I could feel it. I handled it very well, to me it felt like she'd come home. She was so sick the last few years it was like a body with no soul. The only thing my mother and I did was talk. we'd talk about this store that we wanted to open, in complete detail. I was able to visualize it so well it felt real to me at times. At her memorial I talked about this store and told everyone about it. My mother was extremely creative and that is something I definitely got from her. I can't stand not being able to create things.

Quite often I get extremely frustrated because I don't have the time to do and create all the things that are in my mind. Anyway I've always been very "aware". There is no chance meetings or happenings in this world and that's just the way I've always felt. So one thing lead to another and I ended up opening my own store in North Bend when I was 18. I always had this vision of North Bend becoming a revitalized town. People thought I as nuts to open a business in a run down old town like North Bend, but I had my reasons. Those reasons paid off. Within months new businesses came in. The city took a new look at the town and started an Economic development group. That was three years ago. Since then they have cited old downtown North Bend as a historical district, which qualifies building owners for state grants and benefits which they're able to use to restore their buildings to their original 1940's look. This has brought much needed attention to the old town. I was the first to open. I made everything in my store from jewelry to fountains to candles and incense. The only supplier I had was handmade imports from africa. The name of my store was "The Dragonfly". It was in a little side building with about 350 sq. ft.. After about six months I moved it into a main street building with about 1000 sq.ft.. It was an incredible store, especially for a 19 year old. My goal was to have a very special store that sold products for our spiritual well being. It was a very metaphysical store. People would come in just because they said it "felt" good. Things went so fast, at times I would just stand in awe of all I had created in such little time with what felt like such little effort.

My mother had also left me her home which was a complete falling down disaster because for 20 years there was no one to care for it and in that time I had completely renovated it myself with the help of friends. I've learned to live in my mind first and then things are just easy, they just happen. An interesting Indian man came into my store when I first opened it and asked me why I called it the dragonfly. I told him I wasn't sure, I just liked it. He told me the meaning of the dragonfly in his tribe. Dragonflies are an embodiment of spirits that have already gone on, they are the bringers of dreams from the after life and when one sits on your shoulder all your dreams will come true. Immediately I got tears in my eyes and goosebumps all over. How amazing, this was my moms dream as well as mine, I had always believed that she was there- and here this guy comes out of nowhere to tell me this story.

There is so much I wish I could say, things about myself, the way my mind works,the way I think! The only way I could sum it up is to say that I read that page on adult indigos that Brandon wrote and I just couldn't believe it. Word for word he sounds just like me! Everything, absolutely everything! The purpose that he overwhelmingly feels, and so much more! The strange thing is I had distributor at my store that wholesaled many of the products in my store. She became so interested in me that she would talk to me for hours when she would come up to place orders. She is the one that always said I was an indigo and I should read the book. That was a few months ago, and now I just can't believe what I've been reading! It's strange because I've never met anyone like myself until a few weeks ago I met this kid at Barnes and Noble. He came out of nowhere and just started talking to me. He brought up the book too and so I finally had to look into it.

It's all very exciting to find this website and finally meet someone like myself. I just what to thank you because this site means more to me than you'll ever know. I'm sorry to take so much of your time but I had so much to say, finally to someone who might appreciate it! Thank you so so much! I look forward to reading the book on the indigo children and gaining knowledge from your site. Thanks again and keep up the incredible work-you're a light to many of us out there.