Adult Indigo Bio - Carrie

My name is Carrie, I am 22 years old. When I was a senior in high school, I was with my dad at a Popco meeting where they had a special guest who was teaching us about energy and how to "center" ourselves. After the meeting, my dad and I spoke with the guest speaker and he was telling us how he studied auras with a woman who could actually see them. He is a psychologist and he said that with all the studies he's done with this woman, he can recognize what color a person's aura is just by talking to them, even though he couldn't see them. He told me I was most likely an indigo and my dad is a violet. This prompted me to look farther into the subject.

Lucky for me there was a New Age bookstore just blocks from our apartment. I found a book on auras that had a test you could take. I took the test, and confimed what the guest speaker had said. When I read the description of who indigos are, my entire body vibrated with recogition! I was so excited to finally be understood. It answered so many questions for me as to why I had the problems I did in scool, why I was convinced that I could speak directly to God and not have to go through Mary or Jesus, or a priest, like my grandmother claimed. Since then I have been on a spiritual quest, trying to find as much info as I possibly could. At first I thought I was looking for The Answer, but I have since realized that there really is no one "answer" and that it really is about the journey and not necessarliy the destination.

My biggest hope for the world is that the countries that are in such upheavel and distress can find the peace that I have known. Don't get me wrong, large portions of my life were not very peaceful, but compared to what they on the other side of the ocean have had to go through, I consider myself blessed. Peace, love and saftey to you all.