Adult Indigo Bio - Brenda

As a child, the patriachal society I was being raised in my me continuously scream "It's not fair!!!!!!!" I absolutely abhorred being raised like a second class citizen just because I wasn't born with correct set of chromosomes. I wasn't identified as a "gifted" child at school, which was fine by me. It had been horrible enough so far being labelled as pretty (someone, I don't know who yet, molested me as a baby or very small child), the only thing I can remember is that the perpetrator thought I was "pretty". There was no way I was going to let myself be under the limelight again. I was a careful/gifted child though because the whole way through school I managed to keep my grades at a level where I was invisible to everyone. People tend to notice when you're too dumb too. I even smoked cigarettes and took other drugs just to fit in and not get too noticed.

The one thing that I often found disturbing as a child was that I "knew" things I knew the universal laws/truths more intimately as a child than now. I knew which of my parents' friends to avoid because they were predators. I remember my mum took my sister and I to a tupperware party at her friends house, my sister and I were of course told to go play with the other kids down the hall. But when the lady's husband came to keep all the kids amused I left, took my sister and sat with Mum and refused to go back with the others. My mother doesn't know this, but I heard her talking on the phone a few weeks later about this man going to jail for being a pedophile. This clairsentience grew with the rest of me only I never really consciously know what to do with the imformation or why I had the knowledge. It's only now in my 31st yr that I'm starting to work this out.

I suppose I began to concentrate on my spirituality after the birth of my first son at age 21. I ended up studying with Jehovah's Witnesses for a couple of years because they offered the heaven on earth paradigm. I left JoHo's because their doctrine dictated that I shouldn't be clairvoyant, I couldn't be interested in any of the occultic mysteries and I knew in my heart of hearts that's where I needed to go.

At age 27 I gave birth to my 2nd son. Boy, what a baby. Never stopped crying. He appeared to be almost autistic to his reaction to touch as a baby. I would try to massage him to calm him and he would scream louder. My husband and I never knew what to do with but love him, and after 3 yrs we're still trying to work him out.

My beautiful (not pretty, I can't say it about my girls) daughter was born when I was 29 yrs old. When she was 6 mos old and just before my 30th birthday, I took son # 2 to a healer for help. She told me that Josh was an emotional sponge and the only way to get him better was to fix up my own baggage. So, one week later (exactly 7 days before my 30th) I received my Reiki I attunement. That was one of the most amazing feelings, I felt like I had come home after being away for a long time.

My second daughter was born this year. Her birthday is the same as her Poppy's and is also the anniversary of my Poppy's death. I don't exactly know what that means, but she crawled at 24 wks, sat up on her own at 26 wks, and now in her 27th week on this planet she concentrating on pulling herself up to stand. I have also begun to notice that her language is ahead of the norm.

I don't know exactly what the future holds except children, children, and more children. I've been told by my guides/angels that I've contracted to have two more babies, (much to the chagrine of my mother and mother-in-law). All I know is that the further I follow my nose the better life feels and the more I see the truth that "the universe takes care of everything" and "good always triumphs over evil" . I now know that there is a purpose in life - experience, the trick is not getting "stuck in a moment'(U2).

So here I am with my rag tag bunch bumbling through life, and hoping we don't hurt too much in this life time, as we relearn the truths we came here with. Since being on the Metagifted site, my knowledge is expanding 10-fold and I finally feel like I'm waking up and seeing what the purpose of being here is.