Adult Indigo Bio - Brandon

I wanted to share with you some of the unique and special things I've noticed about myself. As an Indigo, aged 27, I'm perhaps one of the older ones. I suspect there are Indigos older than me, although there may be so few that they go largely unnoticed.

I agree with you that the color Violet is very important in the Indigo's aura. I have developed, perhaps, a Violet overlay as I've gotten older in order to operate in the greater world better. Being an Indigo means knowing and fully understanding the world around oneself, but not necessarily buying into that world. The Violet overlay is a type of filter or translator between the world and myself. It is also a tool I use to focus my energies productively (as productivity is described by the outside world).

I'd like to share with you some of the unique things that I attribute, mostly, to my being Indigo, in no particular order:

  1. I have a strong feeling that there is a tract or grove I should follow. When I'm off it, things don't feel right and strange things happen. I have an extremely strong sense of when I'm off - the pull back to the track is practically overpowering. When I'm on the tract, everything falls into place: synchronicity occurs, coincidences abound, interactions and ideas coincide and grow, etc. I used to think these things were strange when they occurred, now I take them as a blessing because I'm reminded there is a path for me I'm on that path, somewhere along its length.

  2. Similarly, a sense of purpose has been growing inside me that is so unexpectedly strong. This sense is often tied into my resolve to do something, which, too, can be extremely powerful. Similarly, I often feel something like the weight of destiny or the weight of inevitability--a power pulling me along toward some end I do not yet know.

  3. Often I have the feeling of being overwhelmed by emotions or thoughts that seem foreign to my being. They are often ones that I wouldn't have or haven't had (because of my age, gender, or place in life), but they are nevertheless strong and consuming. It is just recently that I've come to suspect these feelings are senses I'm picking up from people around me. This I'm starting to explore and understand in my own way.

  4. It has always been extremely easy to form a very vivid image in my mind. In school when we did visualization experiences, I always formed a thorough image very quickly and it was one I could easily step into and manipulate in my mind.

  5. I find it relaxing (or releasing) to listen to the same song or songs over and over again, for hours on end for hours even. This seems to distract or assuage me enough so that my mind can concentrate fully on a project or work. A modicum of familiar noise (such as indistinct voices) does the same, but the same song over and over is very meditative and freeing for my thoughts.

  6. In regards to Indigos being misunderstood, suspected, and a fly in everyone's ointment, I've found Plato's Apology to be quite comforting. (Ed. Note- This is a book of Plato's Apology to the Roman Senate.)

  7. I seem to be inexorably drawn to things that would improve my health and safety. For instance, I've been drawn in a number of ways toward low-fat, high-fiber, semi-vegetarian cooking, the kinds of food that now we're finding seem to best allow one to lead a long, healthy life. This focus on my health and safety, from where I live and work to what I eat and do, seems to be unconscious to me, but very real in my life all the same.

  8. I'm working hard to overcome a deep fear and suspicion of ghosts and spirits. Because of my strong visualization skills, and expectations to see gore, I've been afraid that I may cause myself to envision a fright if I were open to ghosts and spirits. I've let scary movies influence my understanding and expectations in this area far too much of a quite un-Indigo kind of thing to do.

  9. My constant battles with authority in grade school, and more in high school, are legendary with my friends and family. I was always fair toward and honest in my questioning of authority; however, my age and role of student just didn't give me the right, in their eyes, to question them as I did. At times I was, perhaps, too poignant and cutting in my behavior. I've been developing ways to question still while making my speech less threatening. When I want to correct someone, I'm learning to make my criticism more constructive by painting a vision of thought and behavior that we both can buy into. However, I am still as sure and firm in my convictions as I ever was I'm just finding ways to be heard by others without triggering their defenses so quickly.

  10. Most days, I feel full of energy, that this energy is welling up from an enormous, positive source from outside of me. This energy feels as if it is given to me to fulfill a purpose I'm not yet aware of.

  11. As a child, I remember always wanting to be older, to be even an old, learned gentleman. I'd pretend that I was older and would hang out with older people, such as my teachers, quite a bit.

  12. Throughout school, I could learn some textbooks by intuition. Once I got the "point" or theme of the author, even if I only read the forward or the introduction, I could anticipate what he or she would say and, even skipping parts of the text, be able to answer questions and discuss the topic correctly, nearly all the time.

  13. I've found it important to develop a vocabulary with "bigger" or stronger words to describe the complex and strongly felt emotions I often feel. For instance, I'll use the word "avulsion" to describe my being very strongly turned against something; to me what I'm feeling is stronger that "fear" or "distaste" and even, in some ways, "hate." Avulsion is a moral state of being against something and willingly working to overcome that negative and hurtful things.

  14. I treasure brief moments where incredibly complex ideas or feelings sweep over me and for an instant I fully understand the concept or thoroughly feel the complex mesh of feelings. I call these lucid moments. Alas, if I try to think about them when they happen, the moment ends. So, I'm training myself to pause and hold these moments suspended for as long as I can so that they make a greater imprint on my mind. If I do this, the idea will often emerge later, pouring out all at once for me to write down then or be reinforced for better recall later.

  15. I wonder if many Indigos see big moral choices in small events. For instance, if I find a movie I'm watching morally or ethically offensive, I will walk out on it and even leave my friends behind to finish watching it. I feel so strongly that if I succumb to these "minor" ethical decisions, I cannot hold myself up to bigger ones when the chance comes. I'll even leave movies behind that display negative or unhealthy images because I'm very careful to put positive, life-affirming thoughts into my mind always.

  16. I often have the feeling of not wanting to have anything to do with "human" rules or laws. For instance, at times I might have considered studying law or business. However, these are human institutions with human rules and doings. I'm more interested in God's laws or in nature's standards and rules. I really feel put off by the idea my life's work would be to operate under a human set of rules and laws.

  17. I fought studying what we were prescribed to read and study in both high school and college, although I did read what I was expected to. Since being out of college, my education has really blossomed into all sorts of areas that I never would have thought I'd be interested in, if I had based my interests on their limited curriculum. However, I still challenge myself mightily and will willingly learn any idea or concept of interest if I cannot get it at first, I'll read introductory or peripheral materials until I am ready to re-examine the original topic of interest.

  18. Wendy, I believe you wrote about the paranoia that "Big Brother" is watching oneself. I had thought about the concept of "The Truman Show" long before the movie came out, that my life was being watched or filmed. In the movie, I found the coincidences that occurred, the things that didn't connect (like the film crew in the elevator), and the feeling of being watched just too creepily similar to my life. I can give examples of Hollywood styled coincidences and disconnects, as I'm sure we all can. Just an interesting side note hopefully.

  19. Wendy, you also wrote about co-creation. Lou Tice, of The Pacific Institute, gives some terrific examples of co-creation and teaches many excellent tools for co-creating, visualizing, and more in his seminars, which are almost entirely concerned with co-creation (although he describes it as visualization and affirmation). Maybe something people might want to look into.

    Thanks for the opportunity to share these these things. ~Brandon, 27 years old, -- Write to Brandon