Adult Indigo Bio - Bonnie

Thank You for the welcome. I am a very young Grand (that is my grandmother title to my family). Actually I have always been told that I am ahead of my time...a space case...very different...even my husband told me that I use a different part of my brain to arrive at any destination. People who know me say they picture me living high on a mountain with many animals, flowers, trees and crystals/rocks. They are quite correct! I am delighted with this list...BLESSED BE to all.

Been reading an introduction, I am cautious, a loner, VERY ANIMAL and NATURE oriented, very artistic, always creating (even in my sleep), have dealt with anger issues (thru cancer and forgiving all - myself, others and the past) I feel STRONGLY my purpose in this life is to perfect my ability to LOVE and bring LOVE, LIGHT & PEACE to all I contact.

I am just flowing over with thoughts. As a child I saw beings (still see lights/colors/flrrting streaks)...receive messages without words (words are so limiting), walk into a room and can feel/know who and what without words. I have not actually opened up like this in a long time...the time is all me.

Thank You all...

My contribution to animals is true Love. They come to us as pure Love and Energy to help. I also rescue plants...all Life is connected...have even rescued myself I guess.

As a younger person I could never understand all of the cruelty and injustices in the this world...would cry brokenhearted for others. Thus, I became somewhat reclusive. Depending on the "place" and the "people" I have actually gotten quite nauseous, ill, confused in a group of strangers. Facing this with Light and Love and Blessing it, I am able to join now. My excitement is causing rambling. Until later.

Wendy, I forgot to add that my nickname for the past 30+ years has bee LADYBLUE. Feel free to include this.

OOPS...should have added that I am 54 in this worlds years...but a very old soul with a childs joy.

Help shift the mass consciousness. Our Thoughts, our intent and our power do Create Our Reality. What we focus on expands.

Love is All.
Be Well.

Bonnie Ross
Apache (1994,M,Mahogany, Brindle)
Cheyenne (1996,F,Fawn)
Ivory (1976, F, White, Special Needs Rescue)
With Gratitude and Loving Memories of Miss Cleopatra 1990-2000, Apache's Mother.

Greensburg, PA