Adult Indigo Bio - ASoaringHawk

I first heard about Indigo children about a year ago & was very interested because I have two - a girl going on 7, going on 16, going on 700 & a boy going on 4, going on 40, going on 4000!

I am 60 & a home dad - second family. I also raised 2 boys for 4 yrs - when they were 1 & 2 til 5 & 6 - by myself.

It was not until I read the Indigo Adult profile that I thought maybe I was one. One of the reasons it took so long for me to investigate this is time has no meaning for me - last year was last week, as a matter of fact 10 years ago was last week. And I stay busy with the kids, my spiritual growth, creating, pets, garden, livestock, etc. - never enough hours, housework suffers! LOL Plus finding ways to make stuff we can use for laundry, cleaning, pest control, etc. myself via the internet - which are cheaper & work better. And constantly searching for ways to take care of our health ourselves. And watching my children - searching for ways to help them stay aware, enjoy being a child, get along with each other, be creative, etc. I am always looking at the way children are raised - trying to find a better way, always asking why!

Anyway I have always felt different - wondered who these people were in my family. Never felt like I belonged anywhere. At age 8 had 2 back to back experiences (very painful-emotionally) - within a couple weeks - that made my aware of inconsistency & contradiction. I became an introvert - watching & wondering & questioning. I have constantly challenged everything! Always lived outside the box. Everywhere I looked I saw inconsistency & contradiction & wondered WHY! After years of actively searching I asked God for "Truth", God's simple truth, around 1989. In 1990 I discovered "The University of Science & Philosophy" and for the first time found consistency!! Here was a man that accomplished what most of us would take 20 lifetimes to do in one lifetime. And in all he wrote (probably 20 or so books & a home-study course) neither he nor his wife ever deviated from their stated purpose, never contradicted themself!!

I believe there are "keys" - simple keys - within each of us for everything. I found one - by asking God within - to cold-turkey tobacco with no withdrawal after 35 years of abuse.

I am looking for ways to share this in all aspects - to make it simple . . . a Soaring Hawk . . . where Hawk = bearer of "Truth" & Soaring = constantly searching for a higher, simpler "Truth"