Adult Indigo Bio - Arizoner

Hi All,

I'm an older (47) Violet-11-Indigo-10 mix. I didn't need to take the aura colors test to know this, either..:-) I came in with a mission and have been following my path (with a few side-trips down the tributaries) ever since.

I thought it was funny when I read about Indigos having a sense of 'royalty' and flashed back on myself, at two years of age, secretly marching around the living room of our house, wearing a 'robe' I'd devised from a towel, luxuriating in my 'royal-ness' with Classical music accompanying me!

I was lucky (?) to have chosen parent's who had absolutely no religious dogma to steep my little self in...My mother had been raised Menonite, but left it pretty much behind by the time she entered college. My father claimed to be Lutheran, but I never saw any evidence of this! The only conventional religion I witnessed was once a year, when we put on the new dresses and decided to check out the architecture of this or that church on Easter. I also was occasionally sent down to my grandparent's alfalfa farm in Oregon and had a few run-ins with Menonite Bible School for a week or two at a time. The favorite part of that was making plaster wall hangings of scripture and of course, singing Onward Christian Soldiers!!

At eight years old I decided to declare myself an Atheist (much to the dismay of the adults) By nine, I was Agnostic and by 12, I was studying Buddhism. No one ever told me I couldn't do any of these things and I have evolved a very open spirituality as a result. I resonate with Native American and earth-based 'religion', too...

Also as a child, I tended to feel closer to animals than I did to the human types. I was a child during the chaotic sixties, and the adult world seemed/was very bizarre to me (still is!)

Jr. High was a nightmare for me because I was a chubby little girl and was teased unmercifully for it. What's an Indigo to do?? I put a chain lock on my door and simply refused to go! Much more fun to stay home and read everything I could get my hands on! I was called in to be tested to see what was 'wrong' with me and the results showed I had an IQ 14 points under 200. When I said, "If I'm so damn smart, maybe I know what I'm doing!" My Afro-American step-father-to-be laughed and said, "You know, I think she's got something there!"

Culturally, I had a very global childhood. It was pretty rare for inter-racial couples to be together in the sixties. Our family's circle of friends included all races, most of them professional types. I thought this was 'normal' and was very surprised to find out that racism actually existed!

As to my 'mission'--I started writing my first novel at 12, got side-tracked into studying Psychology in college (just trying to figure out these 'people'!) I lived in Hawaii for a couple years in my early 20's and discovered I had very strong healing abilities. So, along with writing and doing art, I opted to use my healing to pay the bills. I've been doing body work/energy healing since 1979.

OK, yes, I've been in relationships with both women and men, always being drawn by the soul of the person and not giving a damn about what 'body' they might happen to be incarnated in this time around! I did what I needed to along those lines and am now in a very balanced relationship with another Violet/Indigo, a man who is nine years younger than I...(Did I mention that Indigo trait of not looking your age?! Most people think I'm mid-30's...I also think doing healing work keeps one young, too...)

About being outside the box--I tried the marriage 'thing', thinking I had found a man I could feel safe to be myself with. We'd known each other since we were teens and he came back into my life in my early 30's...Problem was he liked to drink and keep himself oblivious to his own process (let alone mine!) I played the suburban role for a few years, even did laundry occasionally! But when after several years of no connection, and when the pot couldn't numb me to my terrible reality any more, my soul began to cry out and my marriage became too prison-like for this freedom-loving Indigo to take...He thought he had me trapped and would be able to bully me and dog me for eternity...But I foiled him, found other like-minded people thru the internet, met my sweetie (the first person who truly supports me) and left his sorry ass in the dust!

I've been writing all my life and have a novel that I've been working on for the last several years almost completed. It's the story of a group of disparate people who all come together after some cataclysmic event. They do this by listening to their dreams, intuitions, and are led to a new way to create reality after going thru hell! (That bit about Violets feeling the push to get their stuff out right NOW!! is quite a palpable thing for me!)

My horse was my best friend as a child...I also did bodywork with handi-capped kids many years ago and my friend who managed the facility started up exactly the same thing with horses that you want to do! It was absolutely beautiful to see those kids who couldn't walk on their own, have an understanding creature underneath them, doing it for them!

OK, OK!! (See I told you it would be a long one!) And don't even let me start in on my ET experiences, or we will be here all day!!!

I do want to thank you all for taking the time to read this, and also for being there to let me sound off!!

(More later!!!!)