Adult Indigo Bio - Annie

Hello Fellow Indigo-Adults!

I joined this group in hopes of finding others of 'my kind' with understanding of how the world around us is changing. My hopes are also directed to enlisting your assistance and resources to accomplish a 'project' which I am being 'directed' to begin that will bring together Today's younger Indigo Children.

Briefly, since time is of the essence for me right now, I am female, and have reached mid-life (45). Recently, (3 months ago) I separated from my husband (physically, mentally and emotionally) and am currently at a 'crossroads' in my life. My relationship with my husband ended after two and one-half years of constant work to bring him back from the 'dark' energy that pervaded him after 2 near-death incidences. He is not interested in walking with me into the light, nor would he allow me to continue my journey with him. I am beginning anew.

I had researched for many years the 'psychic realm' and sought to find others who shared my knowledge, visions and insights, with very little real success. Then, recently, I saw a program on TV about Indigo Children, and was given a website to visit. It was this program that "named" what I had been searching for all these years. Once I was given the formal Name of my 'condition' I was able to find the information I've been seeking! Strange isn't it, how 'naming' something can make it real?

Life has taken me around the world to live in varied cultures, allowed me to investigate all known religions, study ideas, and hear the thoughts of people from all walks of life. My father was military, and so was I, and that affiliation opened many doors to my understanding that would have remained closed without it. My brother, sister and I all have Indigo characteristics (my brother sees and reads aura's, my sister is beginning to understand her gift of 'seeing', and my perceptions, intuitions and angel guides have brought me here). My son, and my grand-daughter are both Indigo's as well.

Time will not allow me to continue with a more lengthy introduction right now, but, I hope this information will help you to form a beginning picture of "who" I am and allow you to feel comfortable in sharing your thoughts, feelings, insights, and understandings with a newcomer to your group. (ed. note - bio was sent to indigo-adults list).

Blessings to you all,

Annie M.