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"Anna's" Bio,

When I was a child ( I'm 44) I felt a real kinship to nature and while brought up in the city, fell in love with nature during trips to the mountains in California where I grew up. When I was 13/14 years old I was really drawn to start studying Yoga,eastern mysticism and philosophies, the world religions, etc. I felt totally out of sync with my peer group, but luckily all the older people I interacted with in these groups were very accepting and encouraging. Many of them told me I was an "old soul", a eastern soul in a western world.

In school I was an underachiever/A's student. When my college life came I was too unsettled too focus. I couldn't decide what to do. I still have that trouble with jobs. I always want to try something new....

At 18/20 I seriously though t about joining a convent/monastery, as a life of inner work really appealed to me. I started having experiences of clairvoyant sight and studied healing work also. But I decided the conformity would be too much for me to deal with. In the rest of my 20's I studied and my own and with groups and in my early 30's started channeling. That last about 3 years and was a time of profound growth. I stopped and later married. At this point I have a blended family of 3 children and a spouse who occasionally think mom is a bit nuts, but I do what I think is right to instill a bigger picture with my kids. My biological daughter seems to have all the marking of an indigo also. We'll see. Right now I'm itching to do more inner work and feel a major change is coming in my life, an upheaval. We will see. I'm a survivor, that's for sure. In Idaho...




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