Adult Indigo Bio - Aliza

I heard about a seer a year ago, and was instantly fascinated, so I got my aura read for my eighteenth birthday. When she saw me, she instantly got excited, because I was an indigo, like her! (although I barely see auras, I have a strong sense of other people's energies).

I always knew I was different - like there are those who go to the beat of a different drum, but I heard a whole orchestra. I know information that I didn't learn, it's just there. In school, I was fascinated with all kinds topics, but made up my own spelling and grammar. I just had a different air about me that at certain times brought me many friends, but mostly (in school) ostracized me. Being different didn't bother me, but having no friends, and being teased in school was very painful because I didn't understand the world. I am sensitive to other people's thoughts on an emotional level, and picked up on what other people were thinking; the world seemed all structure and very little real connection to one another. But my parents always accepted my creative-ness and nurtured my uniqueness.

I graduated high school a year early, and used my year off for myself. In that year I taught preschool, where I discovered that more and more of us indigos are coming - how exciting! And I was able to reassure them of themselves before they start kindergarten. As a child, I used my imagination to create the emotional experiences I was lacking in my life, and so I am an actress. I just moved to LA to go to school (and acting school can be a drag because the way most people go about it is so intellectual with methods and rules and tactics and so on... but for the most part it's a happy place).

Life is very lonely sometimes without others who experience in the same way, but I feel like at the dawn of this new era, we indigos carry the torches. Simply by allowing myself to be who I am, I guide others in our direction and help the new generation make sense of the world as it is. I am still growing spiritually, faster and faster, it seems exponentially sometimes, and I feel it won't be long for the whole world to join us in something new and wonderful. Life is so curiously poignant, I'm so excited!!



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