Crystal Cave Invention

As you step out of the waterfall you find yourself walking down a deserted beach. You can feel the sand squishing between your toes. You can see the waves rolling into shore. You can see the seagulls overhead and hear them crying. You can smell the salt water. Breathe in the ocean air. Reach down and pick up a handful of sand and slowly watch it sift between your fingers. You walk further along the shore, enjoying the calmness of the beach and the power of the sea. You go past a large beautiful sandcastle and admire it and wonder who built it.

As you glance away from the water, you see an opening in the rocks which looks like a cave. You decide to investigate. You approach it carefully. When you get to the entrance, you call "Hello?" into the cave, but get no response except the slight echo of your voice against the damp rock. You enter the cave and pull out a flashlight from your backpack and turn it on. A few steps inside, you see two doors in front of you. You choose one and knock on it. There is no answer, but the door slowly swings open. You call out again, but again get no answer. You are awestruck by what you see in this room. It is filled with glittering crystals of all shapes, sizes, and colors. There is a pile of the crystals in the middle of the floor and the walls and ceilings are lined with crystals also. You go over to the pile and examine them more closely. You pick one up that you particularly like. You hold it and look at it very closely. You can feel it beginning to vibrate in your hands. It gets warmer and warmer. You decide to keep it and put it into your backpack. After looking around some more, you leave this room through the same door you came in.

You decide to explore the other room. You knock on this door. The door swings open on its own. You call out again, but no answer. You think you hear tiny footsteps, but you ignore it. You step into the room. The only thing here is a large glass dome right in the middle of the room. Inside you see some sort of amazing invention. As you walk around the dome you see a slot which seems to be for a key. You wonder what sort of key would fit this - and then you realize - your crystal would fit it perfectly. So you get the crystal out of your bag. It's very hot now, but not enough to burn you. You slide it into the slot and suddenly the dome begins to open and a light appears on the invention inside. A bright blue button beside the key slot flashes.

You hear the footsteps again and you freeze in panic this time. "It's all right," a friendly high-pitched odd sounding voice tells you. "We were expecting you. You are in no danger. It is your job to learn of this invention and remember this to bring the idea of it back to your people. You need to study this and take pictures so you can remember it well." You look around and finally see the creature who is speaking. You look carefully at him. "You may begin to study it. All you have to do is push the button. When you are finished, remove your key crystal. Don't forget to take it with you so that you may return and examine it again if you forget. I will be here if you have any questions. Just tap your foot four times and I will come back."

You start to ask a question, but he is already gone. "Oh well," you think. "I might as well try it." So you push the button and the invention comes to life. You watch it work and then take out your mental camera and take a picture of it that you can recall any time you need it. You watch it go through its process as many times as you need to. (pause) You are now pretty clear about what it does, but you need one more piece of information. You call the creature back by tapping your foot four times.

Immediately the creature appears out of the darkness. "What can I help you with?" he asks kindly.

"I would like to know the name of this invention," you say. He tells you the name and you then ask him anything else you are not sure of about this invention. You thank him for his help and he leaves again silently.

When you are sure of your mental picture and you have enough information to report back about how the invention works and what it does, you take out your key crystal. The invention shuts down, the light goes off, and the dome closes up again. You put the crystal away in your bag and quietly leave, shutting the door behind you.

(Prepare to turn on the lights) You exit the cave, (turn on the lights NOW) blinking as the sunlight hits your eyes. You walk along the shore again, feeling the warm sand under your feet, the sun on your shoulders, hearing the sound of the waves rolling in. As you stare at the ocean you suddenly find yourself back in the waterfall.

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~by Wendy Chapman

This one has been field tested on approximately 20 classes with great success!

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