Bird and the Magic Flower Power

You step out of the waterfall and find yourself in a large meadow. It smells of springtime and flowers. It's a beautiful sunny day with a few poufy clouds in the light blue sky. As you look around, the soft carpet of light green meadow seems to go on and on as far as you can see. Looking down, you notice the field is dotted with many different clusters of wildflowers of all different types. You wander among them, going from one type to the next, picking a nice bunch of different kinds of flowers for your mom.

As you wander dreamily along, you don't notice at first when a little bird flies up to you and lands gently on your shoulder. It begins to sing and you stop and look at it. As it continues to sing, you seem to be falling under a spell. Now you are starting to be able to understand the bird. It is talking to you and telling you a story about the most magnificent of flowers that grows in this field, a wild and unusual one with special powers. Only a few people have ever found this flower before. You try to talk to the bird, but there is a communication barrier. In frustration, you finally ask the bird, "How can I communicate with you?" The words of the bird fade out for a moment and you can again clearly hear it singing its birdsong. Then the birdsong disappears and you can again understand the words. Oh! Now you get it! You have to sing to the bird so it will understand you. Hmm.. Ok, so you start to hum to get in key.

The bird stops singing long enough to listen to you. You choose a favorite song and start singing to the bird. The bird listens politely and then laugh-sings with glee. "That was very nice!" it compliments you, "but next time you might want to sing me what you want to ask me." Right. That makes sense, so you decide to get comfortable first. You lie down on the soft carpet-like ground. The bird hops onto your stomach and beckons you to start again. This time you sing it your questions about where the special flower is and what it looks like. The bird sings back that she doesn't know exactly where or what it looks like, but you will know when you are near it by the feeling on your wing-tips, the sudden change of breeze, and the unusual sweet taste you will have in your mouth when you come near it. It tells you it can't get very close because the sensations are too powerful for a little bird to handle, and that's why it's not sure what it looks like.

You ask-sing the bird what makes the flower so powerful. What is it supposed to do? It sing-tells you that it's not sure exactly of this either, but that every year three Medicine Men from three different Indian tribes come from many miles away to find it to use as a very special magic for their people. The Medicine Men chant the whole time they are looking, which is how the birds could understand them. You ask-sing the bird to help you get as close as you can so you can maybe find it. It agrees to help you if you will softly scratch the itch on her back which she says is driving her nuts. You gently rub the soft smooth feathers and as you do, a single feather comes out. The bird gets all excited now and starts hopping up and down and going into a little flutter dance. You sit up suddenly and apologetically sing to it, "I'mmmmm soooo soooorrrrryy!"

The birdie can hardly contain itself. She doesn't seem to be sad at all, but happy with joy. Finally, after fluttering all around you and doing a few loops over your head, it finally comes back to sit on your hand. You wait a minute. Finally it starts singing again very rapidly. She says that this is a great good luck omen for you. "The person to receive the first feather from a bird will become a powerful healer. That was the first feather I've lost. I knew, I just knew it was you!" it chitters at you excitedly. And not only that," she sings, "but that feather has been itching me for days and days! Thank you so much!"

So you sing-say, "You're welcome," and thank the bird for the gift of the feather. You stand up and ask it if it is ready to show you the way. It agrees and starts to sing you a song of peace and joy as you follow along behind it. After awhile the bird starts to sing a different song, one of goofiness. The breeze suddenly changes direction and picks up speed and the bird appears to have difficulty flying. Abruptly the bird sings, "TOOOO CLOSE.. Must fly away!!!!" and flies rapidly back from where you came. You wave at it, but it is gone, so you continue.

As you step a few feet further in the same direction you had been headed in, your fingers start to tingle and get warmer and warmer, just like the bird's wingtips must have gotten. The breeze is very strong now. Your mouth starts to water and you have a very familiar good taste in your mouth. You look around carefully and notice a very unusual looking clump of flowers right beside you. You've never seen or heard of this type of flower before. As you bend down next to it, the taste in your mouth gets even stronger and you notice your fingers are very hot. You reach down and pick one. Because they are so special, you know you shouldn't take more than one or there might not be enough for the Indian Medicine Men next time they need it.

You walk away from the area and the breeze dies down and the taste gets a bit less strong. Your fingers go back to warm from hot. You're really tired now for some reason, so you lie down on the grass a little ways off. As you look up into the blue sky, you look at the big white cottony Cumulous clouds and can see faces and animal shapes in them. One cloud starts to get more and more face-like. It starts to talk to you. It says, "I am the great Cloud Spirit. I speak to you for you have found the special power flower. I will tell you what it is for and how to use it."

You listen carefully as it tells you all about what the special flower is for and how to use it. (pause to 'listen') "Remember this. It is very important," it tells you. You are very grateful for the information. You think it is finished and are stunned when it starts talking again. "You also hold the Magic Feather of Healing," the Cloud Spirit says. "Since you were gifted with this feather you will become a powerful healer. It is a gift no one can take from you. It is yours always." The Cloud Spirit goes on to tell you more about how to use your power of healing.

You listen carefully and then thank the Cloud Spirit. The face disappears. You fall into a light sleep holding both your feather and the flower. As you sleep you dream that you wake up inside the waterfall of white light.

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~by Wendy Chapman

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