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Sample Reading 1

Reading for Tina
March 20, 2002

In the Shamballa healing, this is what I felt:

There is a lot of energy around your head, indicating you're very much 'in your head' and thinking a lot.. also some chaos there, so I would say confusion. I'm tempted to say you think too much, though I am not sure it's possible. I do think you need to live more from your heart chakra and feeling the rightness or wrongness rather than trying to judge based on all facts. Balance yourself a little more. There is some issue that is confusing you and you are not sure what to do about it or WHY it has come about.

You have a lot of love - a strong heart chakra energy. Nice! Good grounding energy. Strong third eye.. very powerful potential psychic energy - wow!! You could do a lot with this.


I had a couple visions - I saw 3 feathers which means flight and Native American connection. Seek the wind and let your mind take flight. Find your creativity by connecting with the muse. Sit outside if you can and just relax.. go into meditation while sitting outside (?) and see where your mind wanders. Do you have a Native American connection or interest in 'the Red Road'?? Perhaps this is something you will get into if you haven't. I think the path is calling your name.

I also heard the rhyme of and saw a vision of 'the cow that jumped over the moon' as well as hearing the cow jumping over the moon song from the musical "Rent". Have you seen this? It's the part where the girl 'Maureen' is doing street theatre in an abandoned lot. She gets the whole crowd to "Moo" in weird ways. I think it indicates doing the impossible in difficult situations.. Have FAITH in yourself even if no one else does.. Believe in X. - Whatever X is.. Know that you'll come through ok. Try unusual creative things. Enjoy life!

"X" came up a lot in the reading..
10 of Rods, X in the crossed 2 of Swords, and XX in the Last Judgment as well as an X on the flag the angel carries. Energies of Archangel Gabriel are around you. X's are about Completion - finished circumstances, Endings

Plus.. your reading indicates new beginnings on the Earth plane.. So things are starting again and you're getting grounded now.

Aura Colors:

The aura colors I see around you are bright blue and bright red. That's very interesting and clashing.. The blue is about strong energy - leading, acting.. teaching.. and the red is anger or passion, possibly from past anger in childhood, but even more likely now. (I did this reading at 7:45 pm EST Wednesday)

I attempted to blend the colors to make it more purple which is more connection to divinity and balanced. I put you in a big energy shield egg of purple with radiating gold - also another shade of divine light energy (aka Christ Light/Angelic Light). This will help protect your energy field a bit more and should help you to balance and connect to Spirit easier.

Four Directions Tarot Reading:

Air (Mental) = The STAR (Major Arcana XVII)
Fire (Passion) = Two of Swords Reversed
Water (Emotional) = Ten of Rods Reversed
Earth (Grounding) = Ace of Rods
Spirit = The Last Judgement - Reversed

Detailed Meaning:

Air (Mental) = The STAR (Major Arcana XVII)
This card symbolizes your talents, desires, dreams. It also means pursuing natural talents with confidence and enthusiasm. It can mean an inspired goal. Positive thinking plus good mental and physical health are indicated. Practice meditation in order to find new insights.

Fire (Passion) = Two of Swords Reversed
The card shows a blindfolded woman holding two swords crossed in front of her, indicating indecision. You have been confused about something and now a decision has been made. Because the card is in the area of passion it may be something to do with love or relationships. The decision has probably been made by someone other than you. Now that it's been made you can finally move on to other things.

Water (Emotional) = Ten of Rods Reversed
This card indicates heavy problems and burdens. It can also mean being victimized by someone. Or you could possibly be pushing for an egotistical goal and stepping on people to get there. Emotionally you have some potentially stressful times coming or current.

Earth (Grounding) = Ace of Rods
Interesting card in the Earth position.. The Rod is very grounding.. and shows flowers growing out of the wood - plus it appears in the position of Earth and grounding. The Ace of Wands card represents the beginning of an idea or initiation of a goal - something where you feel natural enthusiasm and energy. Well, I think this means starting to find a dream and pursuing it, but it will be very based in reality and something you will actually take action and begin to manifest. This could be a job, but is more likely to be a lifelong sort of goal/dream. A very good card with a LOT of promise!

Spirit = The Last Judgement - Reversed
This card reversed indicated an inability or unwillingness to let go of a person or situation. You are fearful of change and refusing to accept you own power in dealing with some important matter. Don't ignore your conscience and higher self in the changes that you know you need to make to move ahead. Acceptance is needed as well as forgiveness.

You CAN jump over the Moon if you want to :)

I hope this helps you :)

Love and Light,


Sample Reading 2

Reading For Cynthia
April 17, 2002

Shamballa healing/reading:

The following chakras are out of balance -
heart -
Are you holding onto some relationship pain?

solar plexus -
Will center.. Are you in a power struggle with someone or not standing up for yourself and what you believe in?

Perhaps something about repressed creativity or mild sexual pain or repression..?

Aura Colors:

Aura color inside shield - green - healing, rainforest.
Aura color outside shield - mint green - healing and white light
Auric color needed - blue - blues represent communication


View things with a sense of childlike wonder again. Open yourself to the spring and the joy in life. Go out and dance with the faeries in the moonlight or the dawn in the dew.

Your Animal spirits today/lately:
Penguin and Pelican

Penguin's Wisdom Includes:
Understanding female energy within the male
Waking dreams
Astral Projection

Pelican's Wisdom Includes:
Proper use of abundance
Control of ego
Recovery from loss
Ability to float through emotions
Ability to return from the edge of extinction

info from

Tarot Reading
Deck - the Faeries Oracle - by Brian Froud, Text by Jessica MacBeth, copyright 2000, Fireside, NY, NY. Some of the following is paraphrased. I highly recommend this deck!

Air-Mental - 11- The Singer of Transfiguration [reversed]
Fire-Passion - 28 - Penelope Dreamweaver [reversed]
Water-Emotions - 25 - The Faery Godmother [reversed]
Earth-Physical - 62 - The Glanconer [reversed]
Ether-Spirit - 38 - Laiste, Moon's Daughter

Detailed Reading

Air-Mental - 11- The Singer of Transfiguration [reversed]
Keywords - Transformation, Transcendance, metamophosis
A major realization is just around the corner. This card signifies the joy of success after time of struggle. A new way of life is about to be accepted and is being integrated. A sense of inner peace is growing. The struggle has been worth it. The Singer of Transfiguration tells us we have been through the gate and passed the initiation process. We've reached (or are about to reach) a new way of being, reflecting deep transformation.(I just realized how it came out as WE.. hmm. is this about me, too?? could be! I usually change the wording, but that's how I wrote it out now..) Things will never be the same or seen the same way :) This Singer radiates to all the other cards around it. it's a bright red/orange singer..Is your kundalini active or about to be?

Fire-Passion - 28 - Penelope Dreamweaver [reversed]
keywords - Inspiration, magickal dreams, visions
Penelope is the weaver of dreams, bringer of visions and muse of artistic impression. She weaves with light, color, and sound. She's an inspiration faery and everyone has their own. Now, since she came up in the reverse, it may mean that you are blocking your creativity. Maybe you're working too hard? Time to back off and do something to renew yourself. Take a break. Then choose what you want to manifest and being to. If it's not work, then maybe you're just not expressing your creativity. Don't deny this or it can cause health problems and other problems. Someone else might be discouraging you. If so, ignore then. If it's you, time to change your mind. Life may start to get unfair if you block your creative flow.

Water-Emotions - 25 - The Faery Godmother [reversed]
keywords - gifts, talents, grace, helpful lessons
Sairie, the faery godmother offers last minute rescues... but she came up in reverse so why are you blocking her?? When we twist her energy we can become judgmental and get tied up in knots of who's right and wrong. Since her energy is there, you just need to let her in to have this powerful protection back again.

Earth-Physical - 62 - The Glanconer [reversed]
keywords - Illusion, Delusion, Lust, Projection, Clear sight
Someone is pretending to be something they aren't. They may believe in what they are saying. The facade might be to please others or as a defensive mechanism. Vanity might be a part of this. Others need to wake up and notice what is happening so they don't let themselves be fooled. Handle this situation with care because the awakening can have explosive effects. If you are the one pretending, please stop and start showing your true self. Things will get worse before they get better.

Ether-Spirit - 38 - Laiste, Moon's Daughter
keywords - Light cast in shadows, spiritual guidance, illumination, riddles
Laiste brings light in darkness. She tends the Gate of Revelation, showing us the way through by illumination. She wants you to be open to the great unknown, to mystical experiences that teach us an expanded way to relate to all dimensions and worlds. Start listening to and learning the 3rd language (Kryon reference) - like symbolism and synchronistic messages. You have have been noticing the pattern of events and seeing the synchronicity being more apparent. Things are flowing now. Your psychic skills are becoming stronger and clearer. Trust this. Laiste also brings psychic dreams, lighting up the future and present.

Numbers -
11 - divinity and spirit
8 - infinity, cycles
2- duality

Most cards are reversed, but the core(spirit) is not.. Reversed means blocks or repressed energies.. All the faeries are very sparkly.. And the ones on the opposite sides - Earth and Fire.. they are like opposites yin/yang.. They look like they are meant to be together..

Summary of Tarot
Wow! wonderful messages about illumination and creative energy coming! Singer of Transfiguration!! GREAT!!! The only one to be concerned about is the Glanconer as someone is being deceived.

Summary of Whole Reading
Time to open up and start expressing yourself. Be careful though about what you say.. focus instead on creativity perhaps. Some rebirth and blossoming of your psychic talents is coming. Very positive energy coming.. Clear up the blockages if you can and let the energy flow ;)

I hope this helps you :)

~Angel Wendy

Cynthia's feedback on this reading

I strongly feel that your reading has helped me to "pop" through an icky glob of that whatever slickery stuff ... I definitely feel much improved and this has led to some happy results! One of the interesting things that has arisen from your reading is my renewed interest in classical/romantic art ... I've been perusing sites filled with incredibly gorgeous -- and completely magical -- depictions of divine, beautiful, magical, creative women. Pure pleasure and this satisfaction has radiated inward and filled me with a sense of comfort that I cannot explain.

Your message to me to do what I know needs to be done about focusing JOY into my life is taking my mind to new places. My mind feels lighter and this can only lead to a lighter life! Thank you, Wendy! You were honest enough with me to "call it like it is" and thus, you lit my field of creativity right up! Whoo-hooo ... I saw that I had some work to do to clear things up and guess what? It's sooo much easier than I thought it was to bring things into my best alignment. Yes, please use me as a referral. I am so very happy to support you in your Good Work! These days, I'm "A Musing on Magic!" and smiling the whole way! Cynthia

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