Kundalini Activation, Training, Counseling, Clearing

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Kundalini Activation is VERY powerful. Please do not sign up for the full activation until you have the intro class or other studies that introduce the concept. I prefer to do this intro online in chat, but phone (or live) is also an option.

Kundalini energy is stored in the root chakra. It is the sexual force/energy of the body, essentially. When activated it can help you do many things such as manifest what you want. You do need clear energy first and if you have a spontaneous opening when your energy is blocked it can cause all kinds of problems. Do not try to open your Kundalini without first clearing yourself or being cleared with energy clearing and healing. I can help you clear the blockages you may get upon spontaneous Kundalini Rising. I also offer counseling to assist with any problems associated with K rising or release or blocks.

Introductory Session

The Kundalini Introduction sessions last about one half hour, and will familiarize you with the general terms and concepts in working with Kundalini energy. If you are new to Kundalini energy work, or just need to brush up with a general overview, this introductory session is recommended.

Kundalini Intro Class - July. 13th and Aug 10th, 9 pm EST