Channeling of Adamis on May 18, 2000
At approx. 8 am.
For Lightworkers

Live not that you might not be a beacon of light for others in the dark forest.

Live not that you might not light a path for them on their ways.

Live not that you might not show them the way through the darkness.

Live not that you might not see the path on which you tread and know its greatness.

Live that you might be a beacon of Joy, of Light, of Love to help other souls find their way to the enlightenment of the world.

Listen - that you will hear the wisdom of Us who wish to assist you and guide you on your journey.

Feel - that you might know the truth of what We say.

(you have forgotten some, but it is ok. This shall do.)

with great Love and Light to you, Adamis

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