The world is filled with illusion today. You must ignore the distractions as best you can and seek to stay on your path. If you find you wander off every once in awhile, that's fine, but find your way back to the path. Keep it light with a light from within. Focus on this goal every day. Looking down the road to where you want to go. And what happens when the road forks..and both ways seem light? you must choose one to go on - and see how it feels. If it is wrong you can go back and take the other. You can always just pick up that other road somewhere along the way and then you may see the roads actually converge and come together and you can be on both paths at once.

As you come to a clearing in the woods you may see an animal approaching. Take heed which one, for he is a guide and a totem for you. The attributes of this animal have special significance for you and may help you along the way. Honor this magick well and allow this animal to speak to you and give you advice.

The rustling in the trees above may catch your attention, but don't let it bother you for long. It's not important unless something falls and lands directly in your path. If that happens you have to deal with the situation or find a way to go around. Don't stop or go jump off a cliff, just go around - or over. Sometimes by confronting the monsters they just disappear - "Poof" into thin air.

Others will join us along the path. Some will come and stay for awhile, others are in and out very fast. Sometimes when their paths diverge we follow them only to find that path isn't the right one for us and we have to double back to find our own way again. This is fine, this is natural. As long as your light keeps shining you will be able to see the path. If it's hidden, wait for the sunrise and it will show up again.

Know also that you can also forge a new path, one that has not existed before. The way won't be easy, but it is different and new and untraveled. Things will be discovered that no one has seen before, mysteries unearthed, unforeseen beauties revealed. And though you will travel it boldly, others will shout at you not to go that way, that that way is dangerous, that no one knows what lies down that way. If this is the way your light shows, go that way. Know that others will come behind you, grateful for your work to clear the path. Still the sticker bushes may catch on the later pathwalkers, but you have moved the trees and the boulders to allow the path to form. As you go along the new path you find new tools and assistants. You learn to use these tools and teach others that join you how to use them. They find new ways and show future travelers, perhaps leaving directions for others who will come later.

Know that your path does not need to be all work. Have fun along the way. Visit the waterfall and go skinny dipping, talk to the owl, smell a flower, nap a lot. Enjoy your journey. Don't worry about the destination. As long as you can see the path lit in front of you, continue on the road.

Travel your path the best you can. Keep in mind all the tools you have with you and the many ways you can use them. Combine them in different ways to do different things. When others come along to join you, try combining tools that are similar for added strength, or different tools for other effects. Some will be wonderful and others you will try just won't work, but try. See what you can create. It will be something unique. It will be an adventure.

by Wendy Chapman
Copyright 2002, Metagifted Education Resource Organization,
Permission granted to freely share this as long as this copyright notice is included.

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