About Death, God, and Indigo Children

Channeled by Angel (Wendy Chapman) on 3/24/01

"Shoree, where are you from?"

"I am from India -in my last incarnation- as we all are - referring to Karanda and Harishna."

We wish to speak to you of death. You know that it is only a transition.

I heard these two lines about 10 times.. I kept saying back, "I don't want to write this. Why are you telling me this? I already know this."

I got this answer, "Yes, but this is not just for you. Many with whom you will share need to hear this from us now."

We wish to speak to you of death. You know that it is only a transition from one life or dimension to another. It is a time of reevaluation and replanning - to figure out what you have done and what you have left to do. It is an integration process of sorts.

We are baffled by your sadness at this time of life. It is a time of celebration for the person dying is going home. They soon will be remembering who they truly are, which so many of you have forgotten.

We wish you did not forget, though we understand that is part of the plan. Can you, will you, acts as parts of God, as the angels that you truly are without the memory of this?

If you but remembered this you could do almost anything and have anything you want - do anything. But what you would choose to do would be different. You would not look for money or fame, except possibly as means to an end.. You would seek to find ways to help others, to uplift them to their true selves, to remember and live in their divinity. Nothing could be more powerful.

This is the way the Indigos will change the world. They remember their true selves. They cannot tolerate it when another isn't living in their wholeness, their divinity. They want you to see yours. They will not stand to be treated as if they are not Gods - as they are, and they know you all to be. You simply do not act it. You are not living in your divinity, but in your humanity.

"How do you know this?" I asked.

"We are Indigo children. We are of the blue vibration as well as the violet and we are here to help you teach and share this message."

A child who shoots another is fulfilling a mission. It is a wake up call to the planet to open your eyes and see that these children will not be treated this way. Who is wrong - the one who picks on another trying to push them into their humanity, or one who sends another back fully into his divinity so he can remember and start over?

These are harsh words you are saying to indicate that it is the murderer who is right. Are you sure about saying this?

Do you want the truth or not?


Well, here it is.

These acts of ultimate compassion/violence will do more to change the world than thousands of letters, books, songs, stories. People are seeing now that there is a problem. The unfortunate part is that many are seeing it as one messed up kid or two, when they need to look deeper at how people treat each other, at how the system of education treats children often as inferior chattel.

Are you advocating more school shootings?

These will happen whether or not we advocate them, as you say.

Indigos are reacting violently to the educational system and must change it soon - very soon. These acts of the violence will change things sooner. But people must learn to respond in love, not in fear. It is not the guns, though those don't help. It is the whole system and the way people treat each other.

More shootings may not be necessary, but we see more happening. Kow that those who pass on from these events are those who have agreed to leave at this time, those who have agreed to participate in this divine lesson that is so painful for those of you in duality.

Children do need to reconnect with God - You All do. But not as in a specific religion. God is not religion, God is Spirit. God is the Source, the oneness of us All, our higher, higher self, The collective unconscious, Pure Light, Universal Life Force, Chi. You need not call him God, he doesn't care. God is not ego. God is.

Know your higher spirit and you will know God. Find connection to divinity and become God, a part of God. WE are all pieces of God, but our Indigo Children do remember this, most of them. What a gift this is, and yet how difficult when so many here do not remember and do not act in the love of their true spirit.

Honor thy children - they will bring you home. They will teach you this connection to Source, to God, again. Bring the children into the homes, the hospitals, where they may connect with the sick and dying., where they may help the elderly to transition more peacefully just by their presence, the look in their eyes, a gentle touch, and their knowing of the safety, the divinity of man, and the continuance and everlasting nature of the true soul.

And so it is.

Peace, Mahatma, Namasti, With the Light of Truth,

~Shoree, Karanda, Harishna, and O'Leandra Chi with the voices of the Indigos.

(Having just transcribed this, I realize how harsh some of comes across. What can I say? It wasn't from ME, I'm just the channel. Please don't blame the messenger. ~Angel)

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